8-18-2013 God’s Perspective on Rest

Sunday morning was, as usual, a special time of praising God and loving each other.  Vanessa briefly shared of the League’s recent Russian Messianic Synagogue in the Chicago area…and how for many corporate worship comes at significant sacrifice. Miguel and Dante graced us with a simple & beautiful rendition of Chris August’s Starry Night.

Richard League provided (in his informal, humble, genuine, and dry wit style) insight into God’s perspective on Rest.  We read biblical passages and considered how even God rested and reflected on the 7th day.  We got a glimpse into the burden of being a pastor; and how in Pastor Kevin’s absence we’re becoming much more aware of the breadth of what he does for us.

Richard charged us as a body to

  • Have Christ’s eyes, ears, heart, and mind
  • Look for things that need to get done
  • Gird our loins (suck it the up) and just do things we see that need to be done
  • To pair up to do things with others…for increased perspective, training, and camaraderie

A vision seed was planted that on Pastor’s return instead of finding a mountain of undone tasks, he finds things done and our church even more committed to unity because of how we’ve stepped up and grown together.

After the service the Irwin’s provided a plethora of yummy and healthy hospitality snacks, many of which came from Melinda’s Celebration (15 years with YWAM).  Then Cody led the owners of 18 teams in the annual tradition of the fantasy football draft. 

We hope you can join next week (9/25) for Testimony Sunday.  We anticipate growing closer and being encouraged as several people, some of whom have been facing major crises, share what’s been going on in their lives.