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Evangelical Christians strongly believe in the Holy Spirit as a fully-equal Person in the Trinity… and yet, we far too often know very little about Him, and have very little sense of connection or relationship to Him. Join us as we interactively look into Scripture at the personality and ministry of the Holy Spirit, and maybe get to know God at a slightly deeper level…

Previous Sunday School Classes

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Our current Adult Sunday School class is looking at Paul’s warmest, most personal letter to a church—his letter to the Christians in Philippi.  Join us as we look at how Paul encourages a church that’s genuinely trying to live out their faith in the midst of a culture that was focused on politics and profit, and increasingly adversarial to Christianity.  The book is filled with precisely the sort of practical, hands-on applications that modern American churches need to be hearing today, because God's still working on all of us…


This Adult Sunday School class looked at Common Misconceptions that we have about the Bible. An amazing amount of things that we think that we know about the Bible are based more on our misconceptions (from TV, from traditional stories, from repeated misquotes, etc.) than they are based on any actual, personal knowledge of Scripture. WARNING: It's almost a little scary sometimes to find out what you only thought that you knew about the Bible...

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Pastor Kevin actually spent a few years teaching this extended course on Church History.  I know what you're thinking--but this class was not only informative, it was also incredibly interesting.  We've all heard the phrase, "history repeats itself," and we all learned how true that is.  If you missed these great lessons they are still available in multiple formats.