Student Ministries

Intersection, our Covenant Student Ministry youth group, meets at the First Covenant church house. We are open to students in grades 7-12, and visitors are always welcome.

Youth Director, Sara diemer

Youth Director, Sara diemer

Our Youth Director is Sara Diemer, and she is assisted by Cody Doremus, Graham League, Mark Andrews, Kristi Christianson, and Pastor Kevin Wright.  Together they make a wonderful team, eager to serve the youth.

Wednesday Night 

Our Wednesday evening meetings run from roughly 6:15pm - 8:45pm.  We start with a time of sharing... we like to hear what's going on with everyone. Commonly, we will follow up with worship, games, dinner, and time to dig into God's Word.  We are currently looking at those Bible stories you've heard 1,000 times, but maybe never really explored with the intensity that God intended. 

Intersection meets year round and we typically do an annual retreat.  We often go on mini-mission trips to places like JPUSA (Jesus People USA) or participate in Love Packages.  We also sponsor a child through Compassion International.  The youth have the opportunity to give weekly to our twelve year old boy, Salvador, from El Salvador. 

We have many outings throughout the year.  Some are service-oriented activities, such as raking leaves or serving at a local homeless shelter.  Other opportunities are for fun, fellowship and team building, such as paintballing or caving. 

Wednesday Night Meals

An important part of each youth meeting is our meal time. The youth get to sit down, share a family meal, and talk life. We would also love that if you provide a meal that you sick around and eat with us. Come get to know some of the kids that we don't have join us on Sunday mornings. If you are interested, please visit

You can find the youth group sign up by searching...

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Sunday School

Sunday School Teacher, Cody Doremus

Sunday School Teacher, Cody Doremus

Sunday School meets Sundays at 9:00 AM in the youth house with a break over the summer and around Christmas. This is not your weekday 'School' of lectures and homework. Instead, the 'teacher' works to create a highly interactive discussion where the youth are encouraged to think and come up with answers and solutions on their own. This is done using the observation, interpretation, application method.

Starting Fall 2019 the youth will do a theme study on the “kingdom of God.” Does the Bible say we go to heaven and turn into Angles after we die? [hint: NO] What did God’s ideal kingdom look like? What does the ideal future kingdom look like? And most applicable, what is God’s kingdom right now and how should that change how we think and act?

Mini Picture Gallery

The Lord is our main focus, but let's be honest, there's nothing wrong with having fun... just a little...