Sunday School

Sunday School classes regularly meet from 9:00 am to 10:00 am on Sunday mornings from September through May for interactive, age-appropriate, application-oriented studies of the Bible.  We consider our regular, corporate, and interactive study of the Word of God to be a crucial part in the discipleship process of growing in our faith. WE ARE CURRENTLY ON OUR SUMMER BREAK FROM SUNDAY SCHOOL.

Adult Sunday School

Pastor Kevin is teaching an extended course on Church History.  I know what you're thinking--but this class is not only informative, it's also incredibly interesting.  We've all heard the phrase, "history repeats itself," and we're learning how true that is.  Come join us in these interactive discussions, learn from our past, learn an interesting fact or two, and learn how everything that's come before relates to everything that we're facing now.

Teen Sunday School

The teenagers have their own Sunday School connected with our youth ministry. Click the link, to read more about our youth program and what is currently being taught in Sunday School and during our Wednesday evening meetings.



Children's Sunday Schools

Children's Sunday School classes are provided for the following age groups, each designed to engage and stretch the kids where they're at, developmentally:

  • Nursery (Infant to Pre-K)
  • Pre-K to Kindergarten
  • First Grade to Third Grade
  • Fourth Grade to Sixth Grade