Testimony Sunday

There were several announcements, thankful praises, and requests:

-   Our Pastor Kevin & family are rejuvenating and we’re calling to love them by not calling on them

-   Please plan on attending our congregational meeting on Sunday, 8/26, at 12:15

-   To join in the fellowship of our Fantasy Football league draft next week, contact Cody ASAP

-   Start anticipating Sunday School starting up…and joining in that unique & edifying weekly routine

-   Tomorrow our sister Orpha, who we dearly miss seeing each week, is celebrating 99 years of life!

-   We raised up Kim whose urgent symptoms this morning appear to have since subsided 

-   We raised up Star who also has some new symptoms and has been hospitalized

-   Peggy’s arm surgery is tentatively scheduled for Friday

-   We thanked God for Sherry being cleared to drive again

-   Tina & Medina were blessed with the birth of their son

Several folks were absent and missed this week. Our traditional times of corporate worship were healing, realigning for us, and reaffirming of our identity and purpose.  There are always small moments in a service that touch you. For me today, one came when while we sang Lamb of God, seeing a long and poignant hug between a passionate lady in our church and an arriving family member who hadn’t been there in a while. 

We shared communion earlier in the service than usual. The offertory was an inspired and harmonious rendition of Like a River Glorious, with Peggy and Nena, and Lucy on piano. Our testimony service was also set up with the reading of Acts 10:37-42and Psalms 71:15-18.

There was a steady of stream of testimonies…even past last call when Anna literally ran up to the front to squeeze in two quick stories of how God has allowed her to share her faith in unusual ways in work settings over the summer.  Some of the many highlights that magnify our Lord’s glory included:

-   Sherry shared a gripping testimony of God’s grace throughout her significant pain and healing

-   Paul Erickson read Proverbs 3:5-6and shared about his Mom

-   Marge testified about this summer’s ladies Bible study and Romans 12:2

-   Peggy picked up where Paul left off on Proverbs 3:5-6

-   Cliff shared a beautiful, touching vignette about sharing his life writings in a restaurant with a lady who he’d never met before…who it turned out had been in his home and been significantly impacted by a Bible study led by Carol!

-   Emily brought up Ephesians 5and shared very honestly about God’s faithfulness through her sacrificially loving husband

-   Ruth tearfully shared her gratitude for the love & healing she’s received, from Dave and through the many prayers of the church

-   Nena testified of being able to overcome fear and major medical trauma, from back in 2003, to be able to joyfully lift her voice in praise to God.

May the thoughts, words, actions, threads & stories of our lives continue to be blessed by God for His glory.

We extended our community fellowship talking & sharing around Kristi’s fabulously delicious cinnamon rolls and continued on downstairs in our customary Brown-Bag-It lunch. We hope to see you and greet you in love next week.