"Because a Cross Connected Them" (Guest Speaker Linnea Ek)

In case you couldn’t join us today, you might not know that Pastor Kevin and Wendy are currently on vacation! They are getting to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a very well-deserved getaway. 

We started our service with a recap from Erika Agans. Last month she had the opportunity to travel to India for a two week missions trip. She shared about the conditions that many orphaned girls live in and how Hope Center is working to change their lot in life. She also discussed the worship services she was able to attend and the blessing it was to worship alongside fellow believers and see how God is moving in India.

Today we had the pleasure of having Linnea Ek, from the Galesburg Covenant Church, fill in for Pastor Kevin. She graciously read the passage that would be the basis for her sermon - Romans 16:1-16. Go check out this passage and take a look at all the complicated names it includes! Linnea was quick to point out that this is one of those passages that we can tend to rush through, not recognize many names, and almost dismiss it. However, the Apostle Paul made a point to specifically name people that he had labored alongside, men and woman, well known people, and lesser known individuals… all because a cross connected them. 

Christ and His work on the cross spans all divides… or, at least, it should.