08-07-16 Testimony Sunday

Sunday morning our church family was running a little thin, with the Wrights, Christiansons, and some others away.  But we worshiped, shared The Lord’s Supper, and fellowshipped in an even more intimate setting than usual.

Apart from Lucy’s keyboard and prelude of hymns that started stirring our hearts, Michael was our sole other musician.  We joined in several worshipful, at times very up-beat, songs.  He rang out a moving and intense acoustic song, which may have been an original, that included the lyrics

When I was a dead man

When I was in darkness, you filled my life with light

You called to me in my despair

You gave me life

Sherry read Acts 10:37-42 and also provided cookies and muffins at the hospitality table.

Sara led us in congregational prayer where we lifted up Pastor Kevin to be rejuvenated in his two weeks break…even as we begin in his absence to even more appreciate some of many things that he brings and does.  Bill also led us in prayer in his sincere, measured, yet emotional manner, even breaking with tradition and praying for the offering after the collection.


We had wall-to-wall testimonies.  Here are just a few sharable highlights:

·       Some significant family blessings were shared by a joyfully emotional Randy

·       Missionaries Paul and Linda Erickson shared stories and wisdom

·       Sarah shared how she missed Christian community while in Sweden and acquired a new appreciation for the loving community of First Covenant Church

·       Cliff shared uplifting life stories of God in his life and asked for our prayers for the gentleman who now owns his sailboat

·       Dave shared about Ruth and an evangelical discussion with a Quaker at Mayo, recalled Bible verses from childhood, such as Isaiah 41:10 making a difference

·       Michael shared about a recurring financial miracle that happened to their family, and earlier told us of  Fannie Crosby’s inspirational memorization of 5 chapters of the Bible/week…and herquote on being blind

It was an honor to be sitting in the same pew with our dear sister Orpha, who was congratulated on turning 97 Saturday!

Lastly, if you’re interested in joining our FCC Fantasy Football league, our Commissioner Cody reminds us to let him know ASAP, as the draft will follow the service on Sunday, August 21st.