5-11-2014 Work As Worship

Before I forget, I hope that all of you out there had a very Happy Mother’s Day!  As many people pointed out this past Sunday, Mother’s Day is ironically a lot less work for me than Father’s Day is around here, since the Youth Group always takes over the service on Mother’s Day (and does a wonderful job of it, too).  Basically, I just teach Sunday School, then spend the rest of the day sitting around looking pretty.  Or at least just sitting around…

We had a spectacularly full Worship Team on Sunday, even though Vanessa got the day off like I did.  Not only did we have a clump of adult males up there supporting the moms in our church family, but we also had several of our Youth Group members rounding out the singers and percussion section.  Added to that, we were able to enjoy a special treat of an interpretive dance by three of our Youth as the offertory.  I realize that not everyone is particularly “into” interpretive dancing -- but several similarly-minded FCCers, in the congregation on Sunday, were genuinely moved by the act of worship this week.

Youth Leader Sara Stewart shared a little bit about that in her devotional this week.  Doing an excellent job of weaving together several Scriptures (as well as many of the things that we’ve been talking about in sermons over the past few weeks), she reminded us that everything that we do in our lives -- all of the things that we work at -- can and should be acts of worship, directed toward God.  Not just that we can be ambassadors by sharing the Gospel at our places of business (though we can certainly do that), but that we can make sure that our attitudes, our priorities, and our actions can specifically be putting God first in how we go about our work itself, whether that work is at a job, or in our homes, or even helping a neighbor paint a fence.  At its core, “worship” is simply ascribing worth to God -- putting Him first and foremost in our lives.  And that’s not something limited to singing or praying on a Sunday morning.

So take the time this week to stop and think about how to worship God in and through your work.  If every part of our lives is supposed to be devoted to Him, then how should your Tuesday look…?