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Five Solas
Five hundred years ago, godly men and women were willing to stand up for -- even die for -- what they believed about God... and the Reformation was born.  But what were those crucially important beliefs?  And how can we understand how to live them out today?  Join us as we look at the five core doctrines of the Reformation.


BLESS (all caps, 'cuz it's an acronym)
Outreach can sound like a scary concept, but it really doesn't need to be.  At its core, it's just about building relationships with people whom you care about and sharing about the stuff that means something to you.  This series follows the helpful acronym provided by the Evangelical Covenant Church to help us wrap our heads around how to reach out to those around us.


Let Them Hear
At the beginning of the Revelation, Jesus shares with an exiled John a special mini-letter for each of the seven churches in the area.  They were written at the end of the first century, but they're so relevant to us today that they could've been written at the beginning of the twenty-first century.  We can learn a lot... if we've got the ears to hear...


When we think about God, some of us just picture Jesus, while others of us think of a guy on a throne who looks a lot like Zeus... but we rarely think about the Holy Spirit.  But He's just as much God as the Father or the Son is.  What do we know from Scripture about the Holy Spirit?  And how does He work in and through us today?


The Gospel of Mark
We all know that Jesus had an active ministry, but that's never more evident than it is in the Gospel of Mark.  Jesus is always on the move, always active -- and He calls us to be actively on the move as well.  Follow along as we're energized, directed, and encouraged by Christ's earthly ministry.